Sunday, April 12, 2020

Jerry on Twitter and Instagram

If you've been following me on Twitter or Instagram you know that I have been posting those 16-panel composite sheets. I started at the top of the Map and am working down in bands from left (West) to right (East). The goofy looking post above was from today and represents a floater, an outlier, at the far northeast corner of the Map. It dates back to a period when I was adding sheets that were not contiguous to existing sheets.

In further news: my wife has been making cloth face masks, and we have been distributing them to friends and relatives. If you would like one email me at They are free.

And, if you want to support that project as well as the Map, you can take a look at the items for sale on Etsy. Many have them have just been reduced by 20%!

Thanks for your support, and stay well!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Go find some Map tiles!

I was in Philadelphia last weekend and placed 6 or 8 of my Map "tiles" on ledges along South Street. If you find one let me know! And if you want to be on my free Map postcard mailing list send your address to

We have now made almost 10,000 (9498) of these little 2 by 2 1/2 inch gems. I give them away at shows and place them on window ledges, weather permitting, when I travel. Go find some! I'll let you know where they are.

And, while you wait to go looking, you can get Jerry's Map prints and cards on Etsy and eBay. We appreciate your patronage!


Friday, December 20, 2019

Remember these?

About fifteen years ago I started making these little one-quarter scale "tiles" of Map panels. Each one was two inches wide and two-and-a-half inches high. Over the years I made over 9000 of them! I placed them on ledges in cities where I was having a show. Or I placed them around the town where I lived. A few people found them and collected them. I sold sets of them on eBay. I gave them to friends and new acquaintances.

Now I am about to put them back into circulation. And I am going to make a game of them. Here's how it will work: anyone finding two contiguous tiles will win a gift of an original Jerry's Map panel! Yay! I will give tiles away with all online purchases of Map items. I will hide tiles and tell you where to look for them. I will sell them. And I will send a couple, for free, to anyone who sends me an old-fashioned self addressed stamped envelope.

How does that sound? I'm looking to launch this game before the new year.

Good luck!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Jerry's museum donations

For the past four or five years, since I started advancing into my seventies, I have been searching for safe homes for my monster art project. Never one to play by the prevailing rules, I started by sending groups of twenty contiguous panels (like the ones pictured above) to randomly selected museums throughout the world. The results were, at best,
spotty. The majority of the institutions didn't even acknowledge receipt of the gift.  A couple sent rejection letters but never returned the panels. A noble few of them returned the panels with a nice letter. One accepted the panels outright and thanked me.

I had much better results with the museums with whom I had a prior relationship. Nine of them have now added my work to their permanent collections. I am grateful to them for providing a home for project!

My latest approach is to mail out groups of panels to museum directors along with a cover letter which tells them that the work is a personal gift to them and that they are free to dispose of it as they see fit or to return it to me. I ask only that they tell me what they have decided to do with the gift. We'll see.......

In the meantime I continue to offer panels, copies, postcards, and "instruction cards" on both Etsy and eBay. The sales from that helps defray the cost of materials and the aid of a part-time assistant. Many thanks to those who have helped!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Two new shows coming up

There are two new Jerry's Map shows coming up soon.

The first to open will be at Intuit in Chicago. The opening is scheduled for August 15, and the show, to include more than 1000 panels of the Map, will be up until January, 2020. See for details.

Two weeks later a show of similar size will open at the York College Galleries in York, Pennsylvania. It will be listed soon at

C'mon down and say, "Hi!"

Monday, May 20, 2019

Hey! Wanna trade?

 If you make art and would like to trade an original piece of your work for an original panel of Jerry's Map please email me! I have always encouraged guest artist to contribute to my project, and now I am offering my work for yours. The only requirements are that your piece be two-dimensional and roughly 8 by 10 inches. By trading you will also authorize me to reproduce your work as a panel of Jerry's Map. Sound good? Thanks!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Spring updates

There are two shows opening at the end of the summer: the first is at Intuit in Chicago opening about August 22, and the second will be at York College of Pennsylvania and will open August 29. Both shows will feature a wide East-West swath of the Map comprising about 500 panels.

The Map book continues to make progress, but there is no publication date set yet. Funding is in place to take the project up to publication. 

A time-lapse video of the Map showing its growth and change over the last twenty years is in preliminary planning. Once a budget is established we will seek funding.

In the meantime you can help by buying Map prints, instruction cards, and postcards on Etsy. Take a look! Thanks!