Monday, August 15, 2011

When Is The Map Not a Map?

When it is composed of abstract images like this one. I got tired of being too literal and wandered off into random images some time the 1980s, actually. The older I get, the less representative The Map becomes......metaphysical geography!


  1. I just saw your video and I enjoy and share your passion!

    I have mapped a world that doesn't exist more than in written form for a role playing game for more than a decade. Our methods differ a bit but I really appreciate your dedication for details.

    You can see my work at:

    Thank you for spreading inspiration and passion!


  2. I too recently saw your video and was deeply inspired. I see you have prints at eBay which I will check out. I'd also love to find out about the deck of cards you use in the video and if you'd ever make a set to cell. Maybe you could write a post about the deck.
    thank you for sharing...

  3. I agree with Laura. The deck is an amazing tool. It'd be nice to see the details of it.

  4. Yo Jerry, you seem like a cool guy, really enjoyed the video about your world. Could you explain more to us the deck and how it works? I'd really like to try something like this myself.

  5. Amazing work Jerry. You're a fascinating man.

  6. Amazing Jerry, just amazing.
    I would love to see the composition of your card deck for inspiration.

  7. Anna, the link you meant to post is this:

    Jerry, in case you're wondering where all these new faces are coming from, Reddit found you:

  8. Per Econniff's comment, it seems your work has inspired a new generation of 'world-creators'. The video game called Minecraft allows players to explore, design, plan and build virtual worlds of their own. The game's blocky, one-meter-cube elements quickly fade into lush worlds in the players mind. (A phenomenon I am certain you have experienced with your own 2-dimensional world.)
    Minecraft has an interesting property to it in that there are no goals to achieve nor tasks to complete other than those set by the players themselves. This feature has lead to some marvelous demonstrations of creativity. Yet, for some, the lack of goals or purpose is a negative element. The introduction to your work, and specifically, the role your task-based-deck plays have become the inspiration for a new game-within-the-game.
    In the past few days a "sub-reddit" has been created that allows Minecraft players, who have been inspired by your map-world, to share their ideas for adding task-based features to the game.
    I would simply like you to know that your original deck of cards holds the keys to quite a bit of magic. - As the tagline to the sub-reddit reads "The fate of the world is in the cards."

  9. Oh wow! What wonderful posts! And, yes, I will start to talk more about the cards and post some of them here. Will check out ghmaps now, too! Keep me posted on the Minecraft!

  10. Hi Jerry
    Just saw your work with my husband. A beautiful example of what we can create when we dedicate ourselves with passion to something. Are you intending on selling any of the original tiles? I'd love to buy my husband one - having that reminder of the power of passion and creativity would be good for him at the moment.

  11. Thanks once more to all of you! This is truly inspiring and gratifying. I have started to put a few prints on eBay again. That might help pay for supplies! Sometimes I feel I am subsidizing HP!

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