Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An update and some ruminations

Here's an update to the S1W17 segment. Not too much to reflect on here.

But other things have been crossing my mind. I wonder, for example, if my Map is the largest modern painting. Or if there are any other such projects around. My hunch is that it is unique in the world of art, modern or ancient- one single perpetual work that has been in progress for  a little over 48 years and which now covers over 1300 square feet of surface.

Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling, by comparison, took 4 years to complete and covers about 5600 square feet. It's not as detailed as my Map. So, it's hard to compare the two. I'd love to have my work be as expansive as Michelangelo's, but I probably will not live long enough to get there. Nor do I have a Pope Sixtus V to support me while I work on it.

Anybody out there know of comparable works? Perpetual works?


  1. Something that might be vaguely similar is some paint-based animations, like those in the following links. That they have a similar relation, in terms of paint applied in layers over time. They're finite, but they're the closest thing I could think of!




  2. hi Jerry,

    Just seen your vimeo clip about your map.

    Do you have crop circles yet? I think your map needs crop circles.


  3. Funny you should ask that! There is a new circular collage format that's brewing in my head and should manifest itself on paper in the new year.

    Happy New Year!