Saturday, February 25, 2012

A milestone.

What you see above is the 2500th panel of Jerry's Map (N6/E28). For weeks now I have been saying that The Map comprised a little over 2500 sheets. Then, the other day, Roberto did an updated inventory, and it was revealed that there were only 2497! I was disappointed, but since then I have added three more panels bringing the total, as of this morning, to 2500.

As you can see the virgin (or blank) panels have taken on a new look. They are, for the most part, paperboard box backs collaged together with bits of old Map prints.

The inventory also showed that, of the 2497 in-progress panels, 1539 are Generation II or higher. There are currently 2 Generation VIII panels in the mix. The total of all generations (not counting approximately 50 original panels which have been sold) was 5460.

The Map, at 2500 panels, now covers just under 1389 square feet. That's about 30% of a basketball court or 23.5% of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I have a long way to go!


  1. Even if there's a way to go, that's still an impressive size!

    1. Thanks, Matt! I appreciate your support.

    2. I cracked a smile at your wondrous ambition to compare the scope of your work to the Sistine Chapel! N.b. - I don't think it's hubris at all, I think it's cool that that is your goal.

    3. Thanks, Faelan! Michelangelo painted those 5000 plus square feet in four years. It has taken me 49 years to do a quarter of that, but his brush strokes were much bigger. Maybe the comparison to the basketball court is more apt. :)

    4. Didn't he have a bunch of assistants, anyway? I know Heston did in Agony and the Ecstasy...