Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jerry's Map meets the chicken coop

My friends, Cary and Bill, who made a generous contribution to the cartridge fund coffers, are getting, in return, a series of three of these 28 by 35 inch vinyl prints. I've had three different sets printed, and, so that they could decide between the sets, mounted them on the side of the chicken coop this morning. Don't they look great?

I don't know yet which set they will choose, but the remaining six prints will be available at $220 apiece (or three for $600). If you have a blank coop or garage or fence that deserves some Map prints, let me know! I can email you photos of what's up for grabs. And.....they are UV coated and guaranteed!


  1. I am fascinated by you and your maps! I will be posting your video on our home decor/design blog at HomeJelly this coming Monday. I'm quite certain our readers will be equally amazed! Thank you for sharing your mind's work and creativity!

  2. Thanks, Skaie! I took a look at your design blog, and it looks great! I will be honored to be posted there! I hope that your viewers will know that prints are available on eBay and are currently quite inexpensive......