Sunday, April 20, 2014

Come see the Map in Concord!

The show at the Concord (MA) Art Association opened on Thursday, April 17, and the Map installation looks great! Unless I have miscalculated there are 314 panels (or almost exactly 10% of the entire Map) on exhibit.

It's in good company, too. The group show, curated by Ilana Manolson, has as its theme "Personal Terrain" and contains some stellar work by area artists.

If you are in the neighborhood come check it out! The show will be up until May 18. For more info, click the link at right.



  1. Is there a closer shot of the guide on the right that shows what part of the map you're looking at?

    1. I didn't think to tak a picture of the master map. Darn! The segment on display is of the middle right section of the Map. I am preparing a new master and will try to post that here soon.

      Thanks for your question!

  2. I went yesterday and took a few pics with my phone. Some are even artsy. *grin*

    They're through here if you want to have a look: