Monday, October 6, 2014

Video: But is it art?

Someone on the internet recently claimed that I didn't consider my map as a work of art. This is my reflection.


  1. I too am a cartophile of lifelong standing. To me, *all* maps are art. Some are more artistIC than others, but all maps are are. Your earlier stuff is more along the lines of less artistic as you went for a literal map interpretation: the newest panels, the 'outer limits', so to say, push the boundaries of where abstract art and map collide - which they will, if you let them.

    As a lover of maps, the more artistic, abstract panels push me out of my comfort zone. They challenge me. This is good and it's what art should do … art should be like a brick. If it does not break the ice inside you, there's no ultimate point in it.

    Well said.

    1. Thanks tons for your thoughtful/inciteful comments, Samuel. We're on the same page!

  2. This map has blown me away with its randomized system of creation (the cards) and handmade, hand-painted, and very detailed panels, and especially the fact that the map is changing constantly. It's definitely the most creative style of mapping I've ever seen. Keep up the good work!