Friday, January 9, 2015

A New Way To Buy Map Images?

Brainstorming ways to make the map easily accessible and view-able to anyone, we came up with the idea of offering scans of Map panels for $.99/each. The .jpeg images would be delivered via email after purchase and would accommodate high enough resolution for you to print at home. However we wanted to send some feelers out before taking on this project- would anyone have any interest? Feel free to reply here or send me an email at


  1. Hi Jerry, This is Philippe Rekacewicz finishing a text to present your marvelous opus, i just got to se this post, very generous indeed. If you do so, I would for sure purchase for at least 500 dollars to get a biutiful wall home and make my kids (8, 5 and 3 dreaming in front of it). In the meantime, the museum "Palais de Tokyo" will publish my text. And later on we will also write a full report on our website (please have a look)

    Hope to speak to you soon, Warmest regards, Philippe

  2. I am in favor of this idea. I think it would go over very well if you could devise a way for people to easily obtain the corresponding scans. People in general like matching your work up with other pieces so they can see a much grander overall picture. It is kind of the essence of map love.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Woolly! I would be offering contiguous panels so that they could be easily matched. I plan to try it soon!

  3. This sort of thing would be so useful to all types of organizations and businesses. I can see it being useful for delivery, marketing, sales and even search and rescue. That's especially true if it's satellite images. That way people know they're getting accurate renderings of the land.