Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Journal update

Today I'd like to share a page from the map's journal.

It's place where I can log the daily changes that the map undergoes as well as serve as a palette to test and mix different colors for the next day's panel. Like much of how the map is generated, the paint colors are picked systematically so that it changes which each iteration.

On another note, the map has returned safely from Aichi, Japan and now parts of it are headed to the Union Art Gallery at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. It will be a part of the Microcosms: The Imagined Realities of Art exhibition from November 18th through December 9th.

If you'd like to support the map, its updates, and its continued travels, see the Map ebay listings to check out what prints/originals/postcards are currently available. 


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  2. I've been fascinated by your map for years, and I always kinda wanted to start a similar project, but I feel obligated to ask you: is that OK? Like, if I went into this massive endeavor of creating this giant art project, and someone else wanted to quite possibly blatantly copy it, I would be uneasy. Are you the same?

    1. I have no problem with other people doing something similar to my Map. Do you know the subreddit called Jerrymapping?