Sunday, March 17, 2019

Progress report

The "pixelization" of the Map is making progress and is, by my estimate, about 15% done. It should be complete in another, say, ten years. By then, though, I will have gotten bored with the process and gone on to something else.

I've been changing the instructions on many cards, getting rid of the "Copy" instruction which creates new generations and substituting "Scan" demands. That will allow panels to accumulate more fresh work before they are retired. And, by scanning more, we will be making more images available for the planned time-lapse video of the growth of the Map.

I estimate that we now have about 30,000 scans on file. If each one was to be a frame in a video and if they were projected at 30 frames a second the video would be almost 17 minutes long. I am aiming to do 20 minutes. 

Now we need to come up with a  budget for such a project and then find someone to execute it. Ideas?

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