Monday, July 29, 2019

Two new shows coming up

There are two new Jerry's Map shows coming up soon.

The first to open will be at Intuit in Chicago. The opening is scheduled for August 15, and the show, to include more than 1000 panels of the Map, will be up until January, 2020. See for details.

Two weeks later a show of similar size will open at the York College Galleries in York, Pennsylvania. It will be listed soon at

C'mon down and say, "Hi!"


  1. I studied urban cartography at MIT architecture, heard rumors over the years of your map, then went to Chicago Intuit a few weeks ago to see it. I felt so happy. I love it, the whole idea, and the beautiful execution. Very, very moved. Made me really want to get back to my re-designs of US cities. Thank you!

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