Friday, September 25, 2009

So What's With the Tiles?

Have you found a little "map tile" in downtown Grand Rapids? In 2003 I started printing 1/16 scale versions of Map panels and placing them in public places- ledges of buildings, gas pumps, supermarket shelves...... Kids began to collect them. To date over 6000 of these little guys have made their way into others' hands. Find yours now!


  1. I found a small square of cardboard on a window ledge while walking through a construction zone in GR on the last day, of the first round for Art Prize. My friend and I looked on the back and saw a sticker that had the url to this blogspot on it. Since I figured I had a blogspot of my own, and I was curious as to what this piece of cardboard was, I decided to pocket the little map piece and look into it.

    This is one of the most interesting things I've ever read about. The map project that is. I'm glad I found this map tile.

  2. Thanks so much, "pudding!"! It's great to hear from people who finf the "tiles", I guess I placed about 200 of them on ledges during ArtPrize. I have to go home to New York soon. So, there may not be any more tiles here for a while.

    But keep looking!