Monday, September 28, 2009

Is the Map for Sale?

Well, yes, as a matter of fact it is! Individual original panels of the current generation are available for $200 apiece or four for $700. You get the panel as displayed. I make a photocopy of it and start to rework that panel. That way you have the only copy of that panel at that stage of its execution. On panels sold while ArtPrize is in progress UICA will receive $60. A good way to support both artist and institution!

Signed and dated prints of many panels are also available on eBay. Search "Gretzinger Map" and take a look!



  1. My husband and I were unable to get to see any of ArtPrize until today and your map just blew me away. I watched your video of your process and I love it so much -- really keeps it not like a "job" for you. I regret that I did not get to see it sooner, as you would have my vote if you were in Top 10. It's one of the most creative things I have ever seen.

  2. Thanks so much, Amy! I am just grateful to be retired now and able to pursue this passion. ArtPrize has been an amazing trip for me!

  3. Hi Jerry
    Beautiful project. My husband and I watched the video last night. It was just a lovely example of the creativity that comes when someone devotes passion to something.
    Is it still possible to buy an original panel? Nothing came up on ebay.
    Thanks :)