Monday, October 12, 2009

Post ArtPrize Crash!

Participating in ArtPrize was such a rush for me. And now it is over. Artists have been packing up their work and carting it back to New York and South Bend and Paris. The trucks were arriving to take the winning painting off to GRAM for longer term viewing. I was copying the panels which I sold and putting the copies in place of the originals.

Now I am back at the farm. It's trying to snow here but only managing to sleet. The bulbs still need to be planted before I can go back to my cozy basement studio in Cold Spring and start to work in earnest again on the Map.

In November I will show some of the panels in a group show featuring the work of the artists in "The Map as Art", a book by Katherine Harmon. More on that a little later!

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