Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blue Water

Oh to be out on the blue water of today's panel, S3/E14!

Instead, I am trying to deal with all the Internet attention of the past ten days. It started with the reddit thread on August 10. There were almost 700 comments, and I tried to read them all. My general response is to say that I am planning to do an AMA in the next ten days. My son, Lucky, will be here to help me. Maybe he will be willing to type my responses. I'll keep you posted.

Then there was the HuffPost article whose headline made it sound as though I had been holed up in a cave for the last 50 years doing nothing but make my Map. That put me on the defensive. I should have shrugged it off the way I do all the OCD and autism comments on reddit. But I got caught in the web. I appreciate the people who always seem to come to my defense. They are usually artists who understand and appreciate the artistic urge and process. Thanks!