Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dylan rides again! Another time-lapse......

I went to bed last night realizing that you'd probably enjoy seeing the development of a massive Void. This morning asked Dylan to produce a new time-lapse for us.

Here it is!


  1. daniel here, we mailed recently :)

    looks really great. i am a big fan of the whole void idea!

    with the software i proposed, creating timelapses will be easy, too.

    once you have all the folders with "years" and coordinates, i can simply add to the "choose where and choose resolution" a dropdown list for "choose when".

    thats really easy to do :-)

    1. Thanks again, Daniel, for all you have done! I am waiting to hear from Dylan on how he made out with the software. I'll email him today. Can't wait to start using it.....