Thursday, November 13, 2014


People often ask me if I get bored working on my Map since I work on it every day that I am at the farm. The simple answer is, "No." And the image above is a principal reason. I never know what is going to develop on the page in front of me. Today N14/E26 came up in the draw, and the card that lead me to it also read "wave paint." That meant that around the already existing beige "banana" I was going to add a band of darker beige (the next color on my palette) in a wave pattern. I then dated the new paint (1169 in Map years) and added the orange dotted lozenge. I had to tape this panel to the one below it in order to accomplish that. While I was at it and contrary to all my own rules I added the faint blue rectangle in colored pencil. That was a whim, but I liked it enough to consider doing that sort of thing to future panels. 

When I was done I had a composition which pleased me a lot. I know that most of you who follow my work are most intrigued with the "mappiest" panels, the ones which most resemble maps that we all know, but I hope that you will also come to appreciate some of the compositions that the deck of cards dictates in its own random way.

Not boring at all!  

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