Thursday, November 20, 2014

Technology and me

This is my idea of modern. I refer to it as "clamshell chic." It's basically all the technology I care to have on my body. I do old-fashioned phone calls and receive texts and answer them with as few letters as one or as many as three. I get internet information from my laptop. I get directions from large pieces of printed paper called "maps." I play word games on my wife's i-Phone. Oops! She tells me that I need my own, but I resist. I need to go technology-free for big chunks of my day. That's why I garden. I love that those tiny seeds contain all the instructions for making a long vine which produces giant orange fruit which get carved into spooky candle-bearing jack-o-lanterns. Way more efficient than the silicon guts of cell phones.


  1. I like technology. Especially when it comes to mobile homes. I really like to think that one day all houses will be smart

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