Sunday, May 15, 2016


The term "outsider art" is a little worn out. Even the insiders acknowledge this. But the distinctions are still made- mostly in Manhattan and Basel galleries and auction rooms. The insiders are those whose work patrons are willing to bet their wallets on to increase in value over time. "Naive" seems be an appropriate way of describing many outsiders. But then it could be applied to some of the insidest artists, too. Look at many of David Hockney's paintings. Maybe they only look naive to an outsider, and an insider could explain their sophistication. For me the terms "accidental" and "intentional" have broader application. Certainly much of what is in the American Folkart Museum or the Museum of Everything was not intended by its maker to be fine art. And certainly most of what is created by people with MFAs or who are exhibited in major museums or galleries is intended to be labeled "art."

Inside or outside, I am happy just to be making my Map. I hope that viewers get some pleasure from it, too.

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  1. Hey Jerry, How about the Smith College Museum. Has a great wall down on the lower level which is where they have installations. The wall extends up a full floor and the open stairs coming down from the first floor face that wall. Margie