Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Invite me!

The show coming up later this year in Japan will be a big one. The Map installation there will be the biggest one since the Palais de Tokyo in Paris last year. The display above, from ArtPrize 1 in Grand Rapids in 2009, was small in comparison. The Aichi Triennale in Nagoya opens to the public on August 11 and closes on October 22.

After that I will be looking for a new host for my project. Know any curators? Contemporary museums with high walls (25 feet, at least)? Or big open floor spaces which can be viewed from above?

I really have my sights set on that five-story high North wall of the atrium at MOMA in New York, but they haven't invited me yet.

On the more down-to-earth end of my fantasies would be a high school gym in some small town in the Plains. With a little help from the students we could mount the entire Map in about three days. And it could be de-installed in time for Saturday's game. Just a thought....

Meantime go buy something on Ebay. I don't need it to pay the rent, but it helps defray the not insignificant cost of creating this thing. And it's a cheap way for you to start your art collection. Imagine your grandkids taking a panel to Antiques Road Show forty years from now!



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  1. Please come to the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore!