Thursday, January 21, 2010

About Those New "Postcards"......

Many of you have by now seen the new 4 by 5 inch Map "postcards". If you haven't, go to eBay and take a look. This format is very satisfying, especially for those of you who have been Map "tile" enthusiasts. It's the same mounting on recycled cardboard but at 1/4 scale (rather than 1/16) so that you can see all the detail- even read the inscriptions. And the eBay pricing (auctions starting at 99cents!) will permit all of you to start collecting right away! Have fun and good luck!

Friday, January 8, 2010

How Can I Start My Own Map Collection?

It's simple! Go to and search "Gretzinger". There, in the store called sgattic, you will find dozens of Map prints offered at prices from $1.69 up. Find one you like and bid on it. Then watch for adjacent panels to become available. Buy those, too! (Every panel has co-ordinates to show where it is located.) Soon you will be able to cover a wall....or a ceiling. The panels printed on heavy paper are easily mounted on a smooth wall using 3-M or Magic Mount poster mounting squares. They can be found at Staples or Office Max. Have fun! Any questions? E-mail me; I'll be glad to help!