Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Inner Workings

Hey everyone! I'm Dylan Lettinga, Jerry's cousin and intern here up at Fake Rock Farm working on the various cartographic duties as ordained by the cards. I've been lucky to get work with family as awesome as this before I head off to college, and the work has been nothing but fun. To go into a little more detail about the work I do here: it works in a similar fashion to the way the map is created, the cards assemble a list of chores for the intern(s), it can be anything like scanning images to updating them in the computer's folders. Some days it would be photocopying images to work toward the overall goal to have three complete versions of The Map and to have a full sale stock, or assembling various map scales like 4 x 4 or 8 x 8 tiles using our new map assembly software. Or in this case, I make an appearance on the blog. There's a seemingly endless stream of panels and things to update in order to keep things "high-tech", and we're toying with idea of a computer game based around the map. This is a truly amazing project that I get to be a part of, and great that you all can keep up with it as well.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Latest Numbers

The population of the Map as of the latest census (1145) was 16,678,978. There were 29 parishes and 467 cities.

The largest cities were:
     1. Ukrainia              2,431,338
     2. Geo                        1,693,938
     3. Leyemouth         1,496,242
     4. Sabratha              1,048,334
     5. Wybourne              870,946
     6. Fields West             713,634
     7. Southchurch         673,740
     8. Nelleville                 603,140  
     9. Jackson                    586,034 
   10. Gebel                        443,338

As of the last inventory (7/22/14) the Map was composed of 3,169 panels covering 2,255.6 square feet. The maximum East-West dimension is 46.7 feet, and the maximum North-South is 48.3 feet. When it is exhibited with one inch spacing between panels, the maximum East-West dimension is 52.5, the maximum North-South is 53.2.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Subscribe today!

Sometimes I lie in bed imagining how new techniques or rules would affect the Map. And sometimes I lie there trying to think of new ways of underwriting my Mapping costs. Here's one: you, because you really believe in this wacky project and want to help support it, subscribe to receive a monthly signed print from me! If you bought these prints individually they would cost $14 each plus $5 shipping. Six of them would cost you $114.

So. how about a half-year subscription for $99? Good deal! Or maybe a whole year for $175? You'd get a copy of the first panel drawn each month.

The one above, by the way, was the first July panel that I worked on.

How 'bout it? Email me at if you want to get on board. Thanks!