Monday, June 25, 2012

About those prints on eBay......

There has been a rash of print purchases on eBay including a record $51 paid at auction by one intrepid bidder for the important Ukrainia panel shown above. Thanks!

While the sale of prints barely covers my ink costs I do appreciate them as an indication of your support for this project. Please keep it up! And remember: when you buy a print your surname goes on the list of potential names for Map features! A mountain! A lake! A whole parish!

For the record, original Map panels are also available at $320 for first generation and $80 for subsequent iterations. Signed four by five-foot billboard vinyl blow-ups can also be had at $600. If you are interested please let me know.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Note from a man on a farm....

I am at the farm. Last night's thunderstorm has passed, and the grey skies are starting to lift.

I got up this morning around six, made a cup of green tea, sweetened it with some old cherry/tomato jam that no one else in the house will eat, went upstairs to my computer to check the blog. 123 followers where there had been 82 a few days ago. What's going on?

Followed a source back to reddit and read the conversation there til I was in tears. They (you) all get it! I read on, clinging to what, by then, were only shreds of humility. And then I realized that the Map is much bigger than me and that you all are a part of it, too. Thank you all for being human and smart and loving and inquisitive. Gods one and all.

I will start to answer your questions, but the task is daunting! Please be patient!