Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Permanent homes for the Map

I am embarking on a project  to find permanent homes for Jerry's Map. Last year I donated 60 panels to the Aichi Prefectural Art Museum in Nagoya.  What I am proposing to do now is to give groups of 20 contiguous panels each (like the one pictured above) to as many as 150 museums worldwide. A major American museum in New York is currently in the process of accepting the first 20-panel gift.

As you probably know, because of the iterative process of creating the Map, there are several versions of it. Currently there are three complete sets and one partial one. The donated groups will come from what is known here in the studio as "Exhibition One," the oldest complete version. Sets 2 and 3 will remain available for shows.

If you know of a museum that would like to be considered for this project please contact us. We're open to suggestions!

Thank you.