Thursday, November 11, 2021

Where we are now....


You probably know by now that Jerry's Map was born in a front office of the Hoover Ball Bearing Company on South State Road in Ann Arbor in August, 1963. By the time I put it away in 1983, never thinking that I would take it up again, it had grown to about 800 panels.

The total number of panels, at latest count, was 3792. 

The sale of retired, archived original panels continues, and, to date, we have sold 860 of them. We continue, on Etsy and eBay, to find permanent homes for the remaining 1500 which are currently available for sale. 

The newest change in technique in the execution of the Map is to cock the axes for the 1-inch collage layer. The instruction cards tell me how many degrees to tip the main axis either clockwise or counter. Watch for it to show up in the daily Twitter postings!