Friday, December 4, 2020

How I choose the panels for sale on eBay....


If you have been following the Map listings on eBay you may be wondering how we choose the panels to list there.

You may already know that when changes are made to a panel they are made on an inkjet copy and not on the original. Each set of changes is referred to as a "generation" of that panel. "Generation" might also be called an iteration.

The retired panels are used to make up sets of the Map. Currently there are six sets, three of which are complete. The first set is the Studio Set, the one being actively worked on by me. The next set, Exhibition Set 1, or Ex 1, was the first complete set to be exhibited at MassMoCA in 2012. Ex 2 and Ex 3 are also complete and are being arcvhived. Ex 4 and 5 are incomplete and atre being added to as panels are retired.

When a retired panel is not needed to help complete the last two sets it goes into a file of "Panels available for sale."

So....(we're getting there...) I use a set of cards (natch!) to go through the "sale" panels and select the ones to be offered. I choose two new panels to replace each one that is sold. 

Got it?