Saturday, March 26, 2016


The first reminder is for you to check on Jerry's Ebay listings. There are currently some fantastic bargains. The original panel above, for example, was just re-listed at $111! It originally was listed at over $200. And there are prints, postcards, and JPEGs available starting at just over a dollar!

When you buy items off Ebay you own a piece of this life-long, monumental project. AND you help pay for the substantial costs of continuing Jerry's work. We thank you in advance!

The next reminder is to follow Jerry on Twitter (@jerrysmap). He posts the first card he draws each morning that he is in the studio. He then posts the panel that that card led him to and, later in the day, shows the changes made to that panel. It's a great way to begin to understand the process he uses.

The last reminder is to take a look at the jerrymapping subreddit. It's fun!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Since the 1980s I have been dressing randomly. After deciding what type of clothes I need- casual or dressy, hot weather or cold- I pull the next appropriate items from the rotation in my closet and put them on. This has always resulted in interesting combos, sometimes brilliant, sometimes embarrassing.

About a year ago I modified that system. I now dress entirely in patterned clothing during odd numbered months and solids in even months. Understand? More weird combos. It makes dressing an adventure just the way the randomizing of the Map-making makes it exciting.

Try it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Meg and I got back to the farm yesterday after an exhilarating ten day trip to the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri. A fairly sizable chunk of the Map was on display in Uprise Bakery there, and on March 1 the Jerry's Map video was shown, and I participated in a Q and A with Joel Sager, the curator.

The Festival itself ran from Thursday through Sunday the 6th. We saw great films and hung out with wonderful people. For all this we want to thank, in particular, Paul, Camellia, Johanna, Joel, Luci, Wil, Joe, Brian, and our new friends from Lille: Roman, Arthur, Thomas, and Pierre!