Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where am I?

This image represents the panels which have been purchased to date in the nearest (N1 to 16 and W 1 to 16) northwest quadrant. I figured out how, with the help of my Open Office software, to set up this grid and load scans into it. Hurray! This was a big breakthrough for me. Now if someone will just set up a similar grid on the internet we can begin to assemble the whole map there.

I'll add other quadrants as eBay sales are made.


  1. I would love to "try" and help, do you have an idea of what the system would look like, how people would help you assemble the whole map? Also how many panels do you have scanned and how big is each scan (File size)?

  2. I have no idea, but my son, Henry, probably would. I will ask him.

    In the meantime I have made a grid on Open Office and am inserting the panels as they are bought on eBay. I scan at pretty low resolution (100dpi) for that purpose. So, the files must be fairly small.

    Is my computer illiteracy showing?

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