Friday, November 18, 2011

Some stats

I recently did an updated Map inventory, and here is some fodder for you fellow number freaks:

The Map is now composed of 2346 individual 8" by 10" panels. Of those, 1461 first generation panels have been completed or "retired". 1086 Generation II and higher panels have been retired. These numbers do not include the 45 or so original panels which have been sold.

The Map comprises 21 parishes which include 362 cities. The combined population is 15,925,015. The most populous parish is Southchurch (3,375,602), and the largest city is Ukrainia (2,407,704). The second largest is Geo (1,267,154).

Also in the news: the first Void city was created this week, and I haven't figured out what to call it or how to characterize and account for it. Ideas?


  1. Who lives in the Void? are they the same sort people that live in the other cities?

    Are they normal people who go about their every lives? What does a Void city look like? Is it actively working to expand its borders, or is that just the nature of the void?

  2. I wonder about the communication.

    Have you thought about a name in another (non-romanised) alphabet?

    I have just discovered your work, and I am fascinated. Amazing.

  3. We don't know much about the Void, Matt- at least not yet. It comes and obliterates part of The Map when the New Void comes up in that deck of cards. It was originally thought to be an evil force, but that may not be the case. There is no line of communication between The Map and The Void. It does expand, and the only defense against its encroachment is a Void Defense Wall. There are few of those, however.

  4. Interesting comment, Shaz! What alphabet did you have in mind? Arabic would suit me fine since I lived for several years in Tunisia.

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. Hello, Jerry! A friend linked me to your video interview - I was stunned to see the work you've been doing, because I'm working on a similar project. Mine is nowhere near as 'alive' as yours, and is very different in some regards (it's a procedurally-generated monster evolution, rather than a map). But a lot of the things you said struck home! I've never met anyone else working on anything remotely similar, and would be really interested to talk with you if you have the time!

    About the Void - I think the name fits perfectly; it's a name assigned by those in the 'known' to the unknown. I personally like the idea of some things being unknowable, though that's something I picked up from reading Solaris.

  6. Good to hear from you, Seadrinker! I'd love to talk. maybe you could email me at Thanks!

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