Friday, March 23, 2012

The not-so-blank blank

This is the new, farm-made blank I referred to in my last posting. It and others like it will begin to appear around the perimeter of The Map as soon as I get back to my Cold Spring studio.

This "blank" is made of Map misprints and remnants which have been collaged with wallpaper paste onto heavy card stock. I like the quality of these sheets- a little rumpley and sturdy. They definitely have a handmade quality to them which I respond to.

I'll soon move onto the next generation of "blanks": ones in which more beautiful, recycled paperboard shows through.


  1. Hello Jerry, just watched your mapping Vimeo. Great to see you're still mapping! Love to you and yours. Dóra Jónsdóttir

  2. Dora! Great to hear from you! Love back to you! You can email me at Hope you are doing well!

  3. I don't get one thing of the map. Is a map from the real world or a created world?
    Awesome job, I hope you pass to the Art History ;)

    1. The Map is entirely of an imaginary place, but some of the places on it resemble real world areas.

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