Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why collect Jerry's Map?

When I originally posted Map prints on Ebay about ten years ago I imagined that people would buy contiguous prints to mount on a wall, gradually adding to their assemblages. The concept was that they would buy modular art, creating their own sections of the Map.

To date over a thousand of these prints have been sold but mostly as individual, random panels rather than coherent groups. Several people have, on the other hand, made installations of Map sections ranging from 20 to 40 panels. The prints and originals are easily wall-mounted using poster mount tabs and can be protected, if necessary, by covering them with clear plastic.

In order to encourage collecting we have made the prints very affordable. Here are some of the items you can find in my Ebay store

Original panels $142- $220
Signed prints $10-$20
Custom prints by request $30
Second edition Map poster $36

But why collect them? Because you just like them? Because you believe in and want to support the project? Because you think that one day they will be valuable? Any of those reasons is valid. Only time will tell if the "Antiques Roadshow" people are making your grandchildren gasp in disbelief!

Use the link at right to check out the Ebay listings right now! Thanks!


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