Friday, December 20, 2019

Remember these?

About fifteen years ago I started making these little one-quarter scale "tiles" of Map panels. Each one was two inches wide and two-and-a-half inches high. Over the years I made over 9000 of them! I placed them on ledges in cities where I was having a show. Or I placed them around the town where I lived. A few people found them and collected them. I sold sets of them on eBay. I gave them to friends and new acquaintances.

Now I am about to put them back into circulation. And I am going to make a game of them. Here's how it will work: anyone finding two contiguous tiles will win a gift of an original Jerry's Map panel! Yay! I will give tiles away with all online purchases of Map items. I will hide tiles and tell you where to look for them. I will sell them. And I will send a couple, for free, to anyone who sends me an old-fashioned self addressed stamped envelope.

How does that sound? I'm looking to launch this game before the new year.

Good luck!

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